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How does Membrana helps Traders

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Membrana platform components

A platform for investors

Investor can choose a best trader and to sign a contract in 3 steps:

  • Add API key of any exchange
  • Send a request to the selected trader with defined settings and chosen pairs for trading
  • Send ETH to the address of the smart contract (trader’s fee).
  • Sign a smart-contract to allow trader’s acess for trading

Credit profit directly into your exchange account.

A platform for traders

A trader is able to receive money for trust management.

  • Start trading through Membrana trading platform or connect you own software through Membrana API protocol.
  • Set your specific setting for trust management
  • Achieve top spot in trader’s rating
  • Accept a request from an investor and sign a smart-contract with him
  • Receive an access for trading through API key

Your profit is guaranteed with smart contract. You will receive profit directly in your ETH wallet.

A platform for funds

An investor or trader is able to join in and be part of a fund or create it in just few steps:

  • Create a trade or an investment fund and invite new members to join
  • Customise fund settings and user options
  • Propose an offer for share voting
  • Perform corporate actions via multisig

Credit profit directly into your fund exchange account.

Platform layers

API KEY of any exchange

Any exchange with API trade support will be available for operation Membrana platform.

Smart oracles

Oracles provide off-blockchain data for smart contracts. On Membrana, all trade data go through Oracles.

Ethereum Smart Contracts

All deals between a trader and an investor transact via smart contracts. We will never keep your money in our wallets.

How it works

Membrana enables a straight connection between an investor and a trader, making their relations profitable and secured for both sides. An investor’s funds never leave their exchange wallet, all trust management is accessed and executed with the provision of api key. Every relation goes through smart contracts, eliminating middleman and counterparty risks, and making an agreement mandatory.

Inside a smart contract we record all details of a deal:

  • The initial amount of digital assets in an investor’s account (equal to BTC, ETH or USD)
  • Target profit for completion of the contract (based on average profitability of a trader.Upon completion, the contract will automatically terminate)
  • Duration of the contract (the contract will then automatically calculate the profit and send it to the trader)
  • Maximum loss (If a loss reaches the maximum value, the access will automatically close. The contract will then dissolves, refunding trader’s fee to the investor)
  • Authorized pairs for trading
  • Trader’s fee and his wallet




Membrana is built on Ethereum, a next-generation blockchain protocol that enables advanced smart contracts — agreements, that operate automatically, without the need of human control. Ethereum is decen-tralized and safe; it provides transparency to all operations on the platform.


To make our platform even more secured, all processes are done with MetaMask. It is a Chrome plugin which allows you to run Ethereum DApps right in your browser, without running a full Ethereum node. MetaMask includes a secure identity vault, providing a user interface to manage and sign blockchain transactions.

Our team

Eugene Buev
Master’s degree, Engineer, Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University Trader, Poker AI Developer, Blockchain Enthusiast.
Maxim Khuhro
Master’s degree Novosibirsk State University, 8 years at Intel corp as a team lead 18 years experience in IT development AI, neural networks, machine learning expert.
Yurii Gerasimov
Master’s degree, Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, Marketing in SxS corporation, Serial Entrepreneur, Cryptanalyst
Kirill Romanov
Bachelor of Telecommunications Digital-agency founder Awards at Web development and advertisement Launch startups at mobile, ibeacon and loyalty programs Marketing since 2009
Michael Creadon
Master’s degree of Colombia University, NY CEO of 4Rev, managed interest-rate risk at CME for 20 years as a trader and CEO of a $25 million prop firm
Kseniya Kotvits
Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov, journalism Business and political PR since 2010. Worked in PR of The State Duma of Russia, Launched several business PR campaigns with millions of users
Lead Architect
Pasha Rumkin
JS developer with 7 years experience in Node.js. Blockchain expert. Worked in Lisk over protected sandboxes. Blockchain enthusiast and writer. One of the top authors on the most popular Russian tech media.
Frontend and Mobile App Developer
Vyacheslav Mychkin
Degree in "Computer science” in KNU. Development practice in Germany. Javascript full stack developer, mobile developer (Android, iOS). Developed own high load system for 80k customers.
Full Stack Developer
Andrew Rumm
Developing since 90s. Knowlegde of PHP, C++, JQuery, MySQL. 3 years of JS developing. Working experience as CTO is CorVita company
Frontend developer
Ilya Miroshnichenko
Bachelor in NNGY Lobachevskyi university. Developer of a web-console for managing inner security systems for VPS companies, such as Russian Central Bank, FSB. Working experience with "Security Code" company as a frontend developer.
Backend and Solidity Developer
Igor Knyazev
Degree in "Computer science” in KNU. More than 10 years of experience in the IT industry. Winner of several information security expert’s CTF competition. Since 2015 heavily involved in Blockchain related project development.
Full stack developer
Alex Badmashkaev
Has a bachelor in Software Engineering from Adyghe State University. Software Engineer. Experienced back-end developer. 7 year’s experience at IT.
QA Engineer
Victoriya Matveyeva
A graduate of the Webcademy school. Frontend developer. HTML5, CSS3, jQuery.
Regional Brand Manager, Asia
Sonder S. Lim
Digital Assets Advocate
Content Marketing Agency Founder
Content Strategist
Regional Brand Manager, India
Adam Joseph
Strategic Marketing
Business Development Manager
Regional Brand Manager Korea
Williams Kyei
Startupper with experience in the Korean Startup and Blockchain Ecosystem, Digital Media and Marketing Specialist, Web Designer and Contents Creator. More than 8 years experience in Sport Management


Technical Advisor
Alexander Noxon
Expert cryptodeveloper since 2015.
10+ experience at IT.
Financial Advisor
Marie-Noel Nsana
15 years in the Banking and Financial industry
Anti-Money Laundering Certified
Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Professional (C4 cert)
Technical Advisor
Denis Druzhkov
12 years at the Russian financial analysis firm, Umnick. From 1990 to 2002, was the executive director of the international fund, VPS. At the beginning of 2011, became the director of investments for Casys Capital Management.
Technical Advisor
Sam Kushed
Blockchain developer. Founder of Salus coin. Chairman of Coinbar crypto-fund.
Financial Advisor
Edward Luo
Master’s in Accounting and Bachelor’s in Finance from New York University
Six years in financial industry
Expert in BSA/AML and OFAC Sanctions
Legal Advisor
Anton Mogilevskiy
PhD degree in law, from Mikhail Speransky Faculty of Law of the Academy of National Economy More than 14 years of experience in major international law firms Norton Rose and Allen & Overy.
Technical Advisor
Hans Choi
OpenChain CEO/Dev
Blockchain Developer & Architect
Fintech expert
Commercial Advisor
Alexander Finn
CEO of Rosblack Capital
Bitcoin Enthusiast
Legal Advisor
Yan Stolyar
CEO Telecom
IT, project management expert
MBA in management
Finance Advisor
Sam Talari
Mr. Talari is a CEO at Blockchain Ventures Corp & Blockscience. He has been heavily involved in the equity market in the United States through investng and incubatng companies across several markets including blockchain, biotech, medical devices, agricultural industry and IoT.

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