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Tоkеn distribution:

Totall supply is 643,500,000 MBN (After burning)
Current circulation:
Tokens burned:
Reserved for distribution to
  • Seed investors:117M Unlock Q2 2020 - vesting for 6 months
  • Membrana team:150M Unlock Q4 2020 - vesting for 12 months
  • Membrana Advisors and Partners:50M Unlock Q1 2021 - vesting for 6 months
  • Staking:44M Unlock upon claiming
  • COF reserve:200M Unlock Q2 2020 - vesting for 24 months
  • Market incetives:10M Unlock Q1 2020 - vesting for 1 months

What is Membrana?

Membrana is a decentralized platform for trust management

This technology is made for market participants and traders to contact directly and conclude a mutually beneficial, secure, and reliable contracts

Membrana decentralized distributed network platform is currently in MVP stage (Open Beta)

Can be used from PC or mobile phone, from any point of the world

Has developed unique algorithm to address $50+ billion market opportunity

Currently 3000+ customers with more than US $1M dollars in management

Expected 50,000+ customers till the end of 2020

Problems that we Solve

We have developed a unique algorithm to solve the following problems:

  • Loss of control over invested funds

    To get his assets in management, participator need to send them to 3rd party or to a trader.

  • Middleman issues

    No reliable tool for middleman to work with his customers.

  • Lack of trust

    Counterparties don’t trust each other and that limits possibilities for gaining prоfіt.

  • Lack of transparency

    Participator can’t get any proof of traders activities. Trader can send him fake data and get the prоfіt.

Why are we doing this?

We believe in trustable, safe and open cryptoworld, without any barriers. This world allows business opportunities and financial freedom for everyone

Venture Funds on Board

Tоkеn Economy

The Membrana token (MBN) is an ERC-20 compliant token to be issued on the Ethereum blockchain. The MBN token model is giving different kind of utilities, which offers interacting with the platform and directly with other users.

Additionally, there are multiple staking features, which allows users to receive rewards, benefits and governance of community operated fund. Customers are encouraged to stack tokens or use tokens as a payment method providing organic growth of token ecosystem.

You can read detailed tokenomics in English with full information about stacking rewards here:

Advantages of Technology

Iconomi, Melonport, Genesis VBlockport, Covesting, Caspian
TechnologyContract systemTоkеnized fundSocial trading
Asset controlAssets are always on participator’s exchange wallets, access for trading is provided only through Membrana platformAssets are send to smart-contract address of the fund, where trader possess themAssets are send to smart contract, or trader has direct access via API
Risk managementAll terms of deal are put in the smart-contract, everything executes automaticallyNo risk-management systemNo risk-management system
Portfolio managementUsers can trust their assets directly to trader or to portfolio managers, who pick up tradersUser trust their assets to only one fund managerUser chose one trader and assets are used to copy his trading activity

What has already been done?

We have designed and released the platform using most reliable and progressive technologies.

Product in public beta stage with 3000+ customers. More than 1,000 of them passed KYC and are actively using the technology.

Desktop and Mobile version of the platform are already released.

Successfully passed security audit from company.

Risk management tools with usage of Smart-Contract technology.

Portfolio managementby dividing single API key between multiple traders.

External API, which allows connection of algorithmic trading bots and custom software to the platform.

Hashlog feature to provide verification of traders activity

Platform is working with most popular exchanges