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Q1 2017
Concept generation

Defining the idea of trust management for сrуptoсurrеncу assets.

Finding solutions to main problems in trust management market, such as:

  • losing control of participatement capital
  • middleman and counterparty risks
  • lack of trust
  • risk of fraud management results
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Q2 2017
Performance audit

Taking the concept to full performance audit.

Discovering its survivability in all kind of scenarios. Additional security audits performed to ensure the safety of participator’s capital.
Researching and analyzing all potential risks, adjusting or changing the operational process to eliminate them.

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Q3 2017
Interface creation

Creating a platform architecture and shaping a fully-functional user interface.

Forming a professional full-time work team, with specialists in design, UI/UX, front/back-end, solidity language, marketing and security.
Fabricating the current version of design.

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Q1 2018
Alpha version

Private testing of Membrana alpha version with incomplete functions:

  • Allowing access for trading through API key
  • Authorizing with Metamask
  • Inner trading terminal
  • Adding Bittrex API keys
  • Sending and receiving requests
  • Sending Ethereum to a smart contract’s address
  • Showing terms of a smart contract on Etherscan
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Q2 2018
Beta version

Open testing of Membrana beta version with updated functions:

  • Fixing bugs
  • Placing orders on exchange via inner trading platform
  • Writing results of trades in decentralized distributed network
  • Performing smart oracle work adjustment
  • Executing smart contracts with different scenarios
  • Examining all systems and working algorithms
  • Updating rating system with the result of a smart contract
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Q3 2018
Major update
  • API (Application Programming Interface), which provides access to the functionality of the Membrana platform
  • The ability to trade on any supported exchange in automatic mode
  • Maxloss - upon reaching maximum loss, trust management contract stops and access to funds is denied
  • Trustlog - all trades are stored in the blockchain to provide transparency and proof of ROI
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Q4 2018
Public PRE-sale
  • Offering to publick investors MBN tokens with bonuses
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Q1 2019
Conditional orders and UI update
  • Update in the terminal for better UI/UX
  • Conditional orders (Limit, Market, Target, Stop)
  • Allowance to set up orders without locking the balance
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Q2 2019
  • Launch Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on the TOP10 exchanges
  • Listing on TOP10 exchanges
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Q3 2019
Advanced features

Analyzer, Portfolio manager, MBN fund

  • Contracts with security. The trader reserves his own funds in the contract to partially recover the possible loss of the investor
  • Currency news feed. The ability to review news in trading terminal regarding a particular currency simultaneously with the price change chart
  • Analyzer - track the volume of certain coins and provides information throught notification system
  • Portfoilio management - Convinient tool to operate with your portfolio, while working with multiple exchanges
  • Membrana Management Fund - Access to margin contract with the usage of MBN tokens
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Q4 2019
Final release

Membrana.io platform is released with full functionality, and it is ready to enter the market

  • Supporting main cryptocurrency exchanges with API keys
  • Exchange of text messages between investor and trader
  • Connection of DEX Exchange
  • Publication of the Membrana API for trading on supported exchanges in automatic mode (trading bots)
  • Algorithmic orders: iceberg orders, peg orders, trailing orders and others
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Q2 2020
Additional features
  • An opportunity for the investor to transfer funds to management from his Ethereum wallet with no requirements to have accounts on the cryptocurrency exchange
  • Manager contract: contract between investor and portfolio manager who does the work for finding the best trader
  • Connection to top50 exchanges via API protocol
  • Algo builder implemented in the platform
  • Trading on exchanges with support of margin trading
  • Support for decentralized exchange trade
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Q1 2021
Stock market expansion
  • Information about brokers and counterpaties
  • Rating systems, ROI, risk - factor
  • API connection to broker system
  • Support of stocks, bonds, warranties, futures
  • Digital share market and security tokens
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