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Q1 2017
Concept generation

Defining the idea of trust management for сrуptoсurrеncу assets.

Finding solutions to main problems in trust management market, such as:

  • losing control of participatement capital
  • middleman and counterparty risks
  • lack of trust
  • risk of fraud management results
Q2 2017
Performance audit

Taking the concept to full performance audit.

Discovering its survivability in all kind of scenarios. Additional security audits performed to ensure the safety of participator’s capital.
Researching and analyzing all potential risks, adjusting or changing the operational process to eliminate them.

Q3 2017
Interface creation

Creating a platform architecture and shaping a fully-functional user interface.

Forming a professional full-time work team, with specialists in design, UI/UX, front/back-end, solidity language, marketing and security.
Fabricating the current version of design.

Q1 2018
Alpha version

Private testing of Bitcoin Evolution alpha version with incomplete functions:

  • Allowing access for trading through API key
  • Authorizing with Metamask
  • Inner trading terminal
  • Adding Bittrex API keys
  • Sending and receiving requests
  • Sending Ethereum to a smart contract’s address
  • Showing terms of a smart contract on Etherscan
Q2 2018
Beta version

Open testing of Bitcoin Evolution beta version with updated functions:

  • Fixing bugs
  • Placing orders on exchange via inner trading platform
  • Writing results of trades in decentralized distributed network
  • Performing smart oracle work adjustment
  • Executing smart contracts with different scenarios
  • Examining all systems and working algorithms
  • Updating rating system with the result of a smart contract
Q4 2018
United API

Creating our own united API protocol.

  • A possibility to connect to Bitcoin Evolution platform with own software using API protocol
  • One united Bitcoin Evolution API that provides an access to all exchanges
  • Remote control for all Bitcoin Evolution platform functions
Q1 2019
Dex implementation

Adding decentralized exchanges to Bitcoin Evolution platform.

  • Trading on DEX through inner trading terminal
  • Ability to give assets from DEX for trust management
  • Trust manamegent is executed with special smart-contract that allows traders to place orders on exchange using participator's funds. Remote work on DEX with Bitcoin Evolution API protocol
Q2 2019
Advanced features & ROI prediction system

Adding advanced trading features to Bitcoin Evolution platform.

  • Contracts with security - additional contract type in which trader reserves HIS funds to compensate part of participator's loss, if contract is failed
  • Algorithmic trading orders - adding advanced order type such as iceberg orders, peg orders, trailing orders and others
  • News feed workshop - enable an option to upload all news related to selected сurrеnсу. Users can see correlation between price and news on price chart in terminal
  • ROI prediction system
Q3 2019
Trust management with ethereum wallet

Creating new smart-contract for trust management.

  • Participator have an option to create a trust management contract without having an exchange account
  • Deal is concluded by participator from his Ethereum wallet. Participator sends his money to smart-contract to start a deal. He has an option to close a deal, and recieve his money back
  • Trading funds on exchange are provided by Bitcoin Evolution platform with usage of API protocol
Q4 2019
Otc/dark pool

Creating decentralized interbourse trading pools.

  • Creating off the chain (OTC) trading pool - deals are happening with p2p transactions, not involving exchange trading platform.
  • Creating anonymous dark pool
  • Hidden order book in dark pool
  • Secured deal execution with escrow smart-contracts
  • Ability to trade big volumes without impacting the price

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