Main goal of the Referral system is to attract and involve members to Membrana platform community. The Referral system has 3 layers: Bounty, ICO and Business. At each layer you can earn money with Membrana platform. For this you can use telegram bot: @CryptoMembranaBot and earn points.
Full Bounty, ICO and Business layers will be launched Q3-Q4 2018.
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Whats is it – "points"?
Points are part of Airdrop system.
Points are score of Membrana community members activity. Points will be swaped to Membrana tokens (MBN) after ICO ending in rate 1 point = 1000 tokens, which will be equal $15 based on ICO price.
How I can earn points?
a. You can earn points by participating in Global Traders Competition. After each round of the Competition, every participant receives Points according to the their positions. For example, for 1st place trader earns 100 points.
b. You can also earn points finishing tasks at Bounty program. Now you can attract new members and get points. For 1 referral you will have 1 points. New tasks will be launched Q3-Q4 2018.
Where can I check my received points?
You can check your points amount in the @CryptoMembranaBot and at the (in progress)

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