Stacking rewards for token holders in BTC and MBN: earn up to 6% per June. Join


The Referral system has 3 layers: Bounty, Public sale and Platform. At each layer you can earn money with Membrana platform. Now we start a huge referral campaign at Public sale level. You can earn 15% from each referral`s purchase. And more over, if your referrals invested more than $1000 combined, your referral bonus is increasing to 20%. That`s a great opportunity for your to earn with Membrana.
To do it:
1. Register in personal account here
2. Use your special link to attract new community members and purchasers.
FYI: Airdrop campaign at Telegram and Twiter is finished. @MembranaAirdropBot is closed.
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What is the tоkеn price?
Tоkеn price is 0,02 USD
When bonus will be distributed?
Bonus will distributed after Publick sale ends.

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