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Presenting The Vision of Membrana Project Components

Membrana is the safety

Membrana is the safety for digital assets. It is the trust without risks for all contractors, and the security guarantee for participators and traders achieved by a unique platform algorithm and decentralized distributed network technology.

Membrana is the freedom

Membrana is the freedom, the freedom to choose partners among platform users, from all over the world without the limitations of centralized systems.

Membrana is the new business opportunity

Membrana is the new business opportunity, the ability to participate and raise money for management. It is the financial freedom for everybody - regardless of their social status and seed capital.

Membrana is the spirit of courage

Membrana is the spirit of courage. We have combined the experience of all our team members gifted from life in five different countries. Each of us is well-established in our business, and is ready to dive in full force to launch a start-up, created for the sake of this noble idea. We are not another broker – because we have completely changed the system. How long have you been searching for an aspiring project like this that change the world for the better?
Airdrop details
Membrana team will airdrop 3% of all tоkеns to participants of Global Traders Competitions.
Based on amount of Tournament Points, each participant will receive a share of 40,000,000 tоkеns. Based on ІСО price it is worth US$ 300,000!
To earn Tournament points, users are invited to join Global Trader Competiotion. Their money for trading are provided by Membrana platform with unique trust management algorithm. Join, compete and earn with Membrana!
How can I register in the service as a trader?
The Membrana platform does not have its own registration system, to use the service it is necessary to log in, using the Ethereum wallet signature, for example via Metamask on a PC or Cipher, Toshi on a mobile phone.
What are the guarantees of participatement return?
Participators funds are always on his exchange account and trader receive just temporary access for trading. More details of Membrana algorithm are described in Whitepaper
Is the service protected, where can I see the report?
An exceptional attention is given to the safety. We never store the funds of an participator or a trader in our wallets. At the moment, the Membrana's smart contract has successfully passed a security audit by Hacken
What is the minimum amount of entry for participator?
There is no the minimum amount of entry for any user. Minimum contract amount is set by trader in his trust management parameters.
What are the advantages of the platform?
You can read about Membrana's advantages in Business Overview
How does the platform earn money?
Membrana platform is absolutely free to join and use. Only fee required is commission for concluding the smart contract for trust management. The size of that commission fee is 0,5% of the contract amount. This fee is paid by participator when signing a deal.
Can I transfer my Ethereum wallet assets into trust management?
Yes, you can, this is the basic function of the platform. You can see the video of how it is done (for the time being we have 1 video, the links to it are in chat and on the landing page in the first window)
What is the service statistics (% of the successful / unsuccessful contracts)?
Statistics of every user can be seen in Rating. Their ROI - return of participatment and numbers of their contracts.
Are there any partnership relations with the stock exchanges? Is there a commission at the stock exchanges?
At current stage Membrana platform works only with сrуptoсurrеncу exchanges. There is no commission for trading, only for concluding contract for trust management.
Do I still have my account if I replace the Ethereum wallet (as an participator), to which the money should come after the termination of the contract with the trader?
You cannot replace the Ethereum wallet, which is involved in a smart contract. Please, protect your wallet with your own security.
What should I do if I want to make changes to the terms of the contract during the work?
The terms of the contract cannot be changed.
How does the manager contract occur?
The participator has the opportunity to delegate the task of choosing a successful trader to another, more experienced participator. For that, a special form of contract is concluded between the participator and, so-called, experienced participator - manager contract.
An experienced participator is able to enter into transactions with traders from the person of his customer, transferring the customer's funds to the management of traders.
An experienced participator receives a commission for that. You can read more about that in Whitepaper