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Hello Membranians!

Recently Yuriy Gerasimov and Kirill Romanov sent an email about the current situation in a project. (here is the Full text)

I would like to add some details:

  1. In the summer of 2017, Yuriy Gerasimov and Kirill Romanov were still working on their work. Alpha was launched 100% on my personal money.
  2. Yuriy came under my personal promise that I would raise money in the fall of 2017. Kirill did in the winter of 2017. Taking 0 risks, just changing jobs.
  3. "The company funds were gone" This is a lie, because when I left there was an over $ 50k of money for which Yuriy Gerasimov and Kirill Romanov continued to pay their salaries. There are ether transactions confirming this.
  4. "We put our own money in development and continued to work full-time during the cryptowinter."

    This is also a lie. Yuriy Gerasimov and Kirill Romanov never had any personal money. They took money from investors and gave them promise 400% bonus. But they was scammed by Yuriy and confirmed it already.

  5. "We were trying to make a compromise with them, but it didn't work."

    Specific questions were asked about how MEMBRANA spends funds from sold tokens and attracted money from investors. No answers have been received so far. We wait it 6 months already. Yuriy Gerasimov and Kirill Romanov just ignore it. All MBN tokens are movable. No locks exist. None of the early investors or cofounders received the promised tokens or contracts for them.

What to do now?

If you have any tokens MBN I am strongly recommend you to email on Probit and ABCC and request stop all trades while the situation will not be resolved. You have to email from your registered on exchange email and if you dont hold tokens on your exchange account attach a link on your ethereum wallet with MBN tokens.

Eugene Buev, Founder of Membrana and co-owner of Membrana LTD.


What's the issues here? There is no lockup since token sale has been finished. Top management still controlls around 66% of token emission (430M of 650M) and could flood the market anytime. It violates WP. There is a suspicions of continuos sale of tokens made by top management due to lock period announced on December 9, 2019.

Ex-members of the project and advisers haven't receive their tokens, significant proofs of lockup existence or guarantees of trustworth lockup creation.


Exhcanges where MBN token is listed: ABCC, Eterbase, Probit, Idex.

Ethereum Contracts

Here it is the list of contracts controlled by current management. There are transactions made till the lock period, what violates the terms of WP:

This contracts has a voting system. While management team still hasn't published the source code of this contracts, we have reasons to think it's the contracts for ERC20Token cooperative management.